Crisis management is now need for C.Y. Leung

Recently, Hong Kong Chief Executive, C.Y. Leung’s daughter Chai-yan Leung has being under the spot light of media as she acts like out of the line. After she posted the photos about harming herself and being interview on TV show, this time she has being report on her posts on Facebook about how her mother beat her and she has  left home.

In China, there is a common saying, “To cultivate oneself and put family in order, and to run the country well and give the people peace and security”, which means that a person who run a city or even a country, he or she should first improve himself or herself, and then take good care of the family, so that he or she can focus on managing a country or city. As now it seems that C.Y. Leung is unable to do it and what Chai-yan Leung doing is now actually influencing her father reputation and his image to the public.

I believe that the unexpected actions from Chai-Yan is putting the PR team behind C.Y. Leung into a huge trouble, because the public reaction on this issue is unpredictable, and it is not only affecting the image of C.CY. Leung but also affecting the image of Hong Kong government. After the umbrella revolution, the public reaction to the government are not very well already. With the issue that about Chai-yan, which also made C.Y. and his team being laugh by the public.  Even the press conference has already hold right after Chai-yan left home. It seems that the result is not positive at all, as  the public is now supporting Chai-yan to look for her freedom instead of teasing Chai-yan abnormal behavior. To gain the public support, it may need a lot of effort from C.Y.’s PR team to help him get rid of this kind of family drama.


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