Reflects on Public Relations campaigns: research and the planning process

After having the lectures about research and the planning process about Public relation campaigns, I notice that this is the foundation of public relation.  As doing research is not only help to gain the right information about the client and the campaign to assists decision-making and improve the planning process, but also help the workers co-operate with each other well base on the result of the research to set the common goal about the campaign.

Also, a creditable research can help PR to work more effective from the data on media coverage and the response from the media, so that they can know rather the campaign success or need to improve. And have a meeting to found out which part is missing or not handled well. Since it is about how many media want to report the campaign to determine the value of the campaign because if there is not media wants to report it, the campaign would not be useful.

Moreover, I have also learnt different types of campaign can function in different aspects, which can help me figure out how can I come up with a suitable idea of a campaign when I work in the field of public relation in the future.

And I can’t wait to explore moreXD


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