Changing perceptions in my mind

My understanding on communication and Public Relations’ duties has changed since the content of week 8 lecture had lead me to know more about communication in business’ field. Before studying this course, my experience and what I have learnt about Public Relation and communication are more like focus on how to communicate with the “public” and the target audience, instead of introducing the details on how to do internal communication in a company.

I used to think that people who work as a PR, they just need to consider how to communicate with their clients and consumers, however, after the lecture, I have learn a lot about how PR function in workplace and I found it is important to have internal communication for a company. The reason is that making a good corporate communication between several aspects can help a company operate effectively as workers from different levels, such as management, marketing and organizational. Both of these can co-operate effectively by functioning  well in their field and sharing the common goal on the company. And I noticed that each levels are important, for example, while workers from management level giving their speech to the employees, a good speech can help to build a positive image of company in employees’ mind. Also, it could help the employees have a clear direction on what do the company want to do in the future, so that employees would share the common goal with others and also the company. More important, doing a good corporate communication in company and help those workers knows their role and duties in the company so that they can have a clear target to finish their work and achieve the common goal by co-operating with each other.

Moreover, corporate communication also functioning on communicating in marketing field and organizational field, which I did not consider before. And now I know that a company is organize by different parts (departments) and they cannot be separate because they need each other to work as a complete organization and what make them co-operate well is communication.

And I found that this knowledge are not only help me on discovering more about communication and public relation, but also useful in other environment.For me, when I have to work in a team, knowledge from internal communication helps a lot, because it show me the importance of it. It helps me and my groupmates  to co-orperated well by knowing how to identify our role and how to make the communication in our team effectively by hold meetings to share our opinions and set up our target to have a common goal of a work, and make our work more effective and efficient without bothering on communication problem.


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