Reflection on PR work on Non-profit organization

Different with government PR or some other types of PR in business, PR in non-profit sector seems busier than the other as they need to figure how to do an effective communication to the target public and make people donate money. From the ideas of PR in non-profit sector, I found it is quite interesting for me to look for more detail in real life example. It is because things I’ve learnt about public relations mainly focus on making effective communication to target public, but lack of the motivation on making money.

In Hong Kong, there are several non-profit organization aimed on saving animals, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(SPCA)  is the biggest one in the field. The reason I would interest about this organization is that I watched a short video on YouTube which is produced by SPCA. The video made me cry and made me wonder why SPCA would produced video with sentiment instead of produced video with positive storyline. After studied most of the productions of SPCA, I found that no matter print ads or in other form of  advertisement, those are more tend to produced in a sentiment way and from the report of audited accounts for fund raising activities held during the period in 2014(, SPCA had raised HKD$78,241 from charity sales and donations from stationing donation boxes at the locations around Hong Kong. It may not a appreciable numbers as earned about 80,000 Hong Kong dollars in a year, however, in the competing situation that there are some other charities also work on saving and helping those homeless or injured animals. This result is not too bad.

(This video produced for SPCA’s 85th anniversary, aimed to remind people for not abandoning or abusing animals.

Through studying the example of SPCA, I noticed that even though those non-profit organizations are aimed to help animals or underprivileged group in the society, with the similar purpose on working on gaining public’s attention and interest is a hard job for PR who work at non-profit organization. Apart from competing with other charities, PR in non-profit organization also need to face on the challenge that organize promotions and events by limited budgets, bring out creative and unique ideas that standing out from other charities to gain public interest and attention and persuade them take action to donate money and be aware of the related issue. After studying more in-depth in public relation field, I found that PR is a challenging job as they are not only work on managing the relationship with targeted group, but also need to consider different kinds of conditions and do problem solving, which make me interest more about the industry.


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