Reflection on the Changing Landscape of Public Relations

From past the decade, the development of technology brings the new forms of living to human-being and change the way that people communicate. People don’t need to look up books for knowledges, the Internet and search engine helps.  People can share their experience and status anywhere, as long as there is a smart phone with them. People can also buy things from different countries anytime, because there is no closed time for online shopping. Technology development brings lots of convenience to the users, but it also brings the new challenges to public relations. As the Internet helps to connect people around the world online, it also push ahead on Globalization and people around the world are start to share the common value on things and share the common interest. Korean Pop(Kpop) is one of the great example, Kpop not only let the world  interest about their music, but also the make-up style, eating style and dressing style. For PR, this situation can be both good and bad. The bad thing is that when PR try to launch their campaign or promotion, they would need to consider more, because the audience may come from different countries, though globalization leading them to have common interest and value on accepting something new, they may still living beyond the religious or other beliefs. Therefore,there may have limitation when PR organizing campaign or promotion, they need to consider where the campaign or promotion being launch and consider the word choose, the gesture from the model figure or even the story line of the campaign or promotion. The good thing is, they can have a greater coverage by wider range of media which can help to increase the brand or product exposure to wider audience. And social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, these social platform attract billions of people to sign up. These social platform provide a great tool for PR to do their job, which the PR can communicate with the audience directly instead of communicate with the audience through traditional media. It can help the PR get the immediate respond from the audience and  to evaluate what they need to improve and what they can keep on doing.  From my recent experience on shopping, which I brought a pair of sports shoes from a U.S.  website and the delivery date kept delay. It supposed to be 7 working  days for delivery  and it became 21 working days for me to receive my shoes.  I realize that PR may need to communicate with other department well. As customer have the power on  complain or praise on the social platform, the service that a company provided need to be perfect and if there are any mistake or delay (from my experience) and people complain on the social platform, PR have to deal with the complaint to maintain a positive image to the public, so that PR need to co-operate with other department well, in order to provide service with good quality to prevent unexpected situation.


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