Reflection on the Changing Landscape of Public Relations

From past the decade, the development of technology brings the new forms of living to human-being and change the way that people communicate. People don’t need to look up books for knowledges, the Internet and search engine helps.  People can share their experience and status anywhere, as long as there is a smart phone with them. People can also buy things from different countries anytime, because there is no closed time for online shopping. Technology development brings lots of convenience to the users, but it also brings the new challenges to public relations. As the Internet helps to connect people around the world online, it also push ahead on Globalization and people around the world are start to share the common value on things and share the common interest. Korean Pop(Kpop) is one of the great example, Kpop not only let the world  interest about their music, but also the make-up style, eating style and dressing style. For PR, this situation can be both good and bad. The bad thing is that when PR try to launch their campaign or promotion, they would need to consider more, because the audience may come from different countries, though globalization leading them to have common interest and value on accepting something new, they may still living beyond the religious or other beliefs. Therefore,there may have limitation when PR organizing campaign or promotion, they need to consider where the campaign or promotion being launch and consider the word choose, the gesture from the model figure or even the story line of the campaign or promotion. The good thing is, they can have a greater coverage by wider range of media which can help to increase the brand or product exposure to wider audience. And social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, these social platform attract billions of people to sign up. These social platform provide a great tool for PR to do their job, which the PR can communicate with the audience directly instead of communicate with the audience through traditional media. It can help the PR get the immediate respond from the audience and  to evaluate what they need to improve and what they can keep on doing.  From my recent experience on shopping, which I brought a pair of sports shoes from a U.S.  website and the delivery date kept delay. It supposed to be 7 working  days for delivery  and it became 21 working days for me to receive my shoes.  I realize that PR may need to communicate with other department well. As customer have the power on  complain or praise on the social platform, the service that a company provided need to be perfect and if there are any mistake or delay (from my experience) and people complain on the social platform, PR have to deal with the complaint to maintain a positive image to the public, so that PR need to co-operate with other department well, in order to provide service with good quality to prevent unexpected situation.

Reflection on PR work on Non-profit organization

Different with government PR or some other types of PR in business, PR in non-profit sector seems busier than the other as they need to figure how to do an effective communication to the target public and make people donate money. From the ideas of PR in non-profit sector, I found it is quite interesting for me to look for more detail in real life example. It is because things I’ve learnt about public relations mainly focus on making effective communication to target public, but lack of the motivation on making money.

In Hong Kong, there are several non-profit organization aimed on saving animals, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(SPCA)  is the biggest one in the field. The reason I would interest about this organization is that I watched a short video on YouTube which is produced by SPCA. The video made me cry and made me wonder why SPCA would produced video with sentiment instead of produced video with positive storyline. After studied most of the productions of SPCA, I found that no matter print ads or in other form of  advertisement, those are more tend to produced in a sentiment way and from the report of audited accounts for fund raising activities held during the period in 2014(, SPCA had raised HKD$78,241 from charity sales and donations from stationing donation boxes at the locations around Hong Kong. It may not a appreciable numbers as earned about 80,000 Hong Kong dollars in a year, however, in the competing situation that there are some other charities also work on saving and helping those homeless or injured animals. This result is not too bad.

(This video produced for SPCA’s 85th anniversary, aimed to remind people for not abandoning or abusing animals.

Through studying the example of SPCA, I noticed that even though those non-profit organizations are aimed to help animals or underprivileged group in the society, with the similar purpose on working on gaining public’s attention and interest is a hard job for PR who work at non-profit organization. Apart from competing with other charities, PR in non-profit organization also need to face on the challenge that organize promotions and events by limited budgets, bring out creative and unique ideas that standing out from other charities to gain public interest and attention and persuade them take action to donate money and be aware of the related issue. After studying more in-depth in public relation field, I found that PR is a challenging job as they are not only work on managing the relationship with targeted group, but also need to consider different kinds of conditions and do problem solving, which make me interest more about the industry.

Changing perceptions in my mind

My understanding on communication and Public Relations’ duties has changed since the content of week 8 lecture had lead me to know more about communication in business’ field. Before studying this course, my experience and what I have learnt about Public Relation and communication are more like focus on how to communicate with the “public” and the target audience, instead of introducing the details on how to do internal communication in a company.

I used to think that people who work as a PR, they just need to consider how to communicate with their clients and consumers, however, after the lecture, I have learn a lot about how PR function in workplace and I found it is important to have internal communication for a company. The reason is that making a good corporate communication between several aspects can help a company operate effectively as workers from different levels, such as management, marketing and organizational. Both of these can co-operate effectively by functioning  well in their field and sharing the common goal on the company. And I noticed that each levels are important, for example, while workers from management level giving their speech to the employees, a good speech can help to build a positive image of company in employees’ mind. Also, it could help the employees have a clear direction on what do the company want to do in the future, so that employees would share the common goal with others and also the company. More important, doing a good corporate communication in company and help those workers knows their role and duties in the company so that they can have a clear target to finish their work and achieve the common goal by co-operating with each other.

Moreover, corporate communication also functioning on communicating in marketing field and organizational field, which I did not consider before. And now I know that a company is organize by different parts (departments) and they cannot be separate because they need each other to work as a complete organization and what make them co-operate well is communication.

And I found that this knowledge are not only help me on discovering more about communication and public relation, but also useful in other environment.For me, when I have to work in a team, knowledge from internal communication helps a lot, because it show me the importance of it. It helps me and my groupmates  to co-orperated well by knowing how to identify our role and how to make the communication in our team effectively by hold meetings to share our opinions and set up our target to have a common goal of a work, and make our work more effective and efficient without bothering on communication problem.

Reflects on Public Relations campaigns: research and the planning process

After having the lectures about research and the planning process about Public relation campaigns, I notice that this is the foundation of public relation.  As doing research is not only help to gain the right information about the client and the campaign to assists decision-making and improve the planning process, but also help the workers co-operate with each other well base on the result of the research to set the common goal about the campaign.

Also, a creditable research can help PR to work more effective from the data on media coverage and the response from the media, so that they can know rather the campaign success or need to improve. And have a meeting to found out which part is missing or not handled well. Since it is about how many media want to report the campaign to determine the value of the campaign because if there is not media wants to report it, the campaign would not be useful.

Moreover, I have also learnt different types of campaign can function in different aspects, which can help me figure out how can I come up with a suitable idea of a campaign when I work in the field of public relation in the future.

And I can’t wait to explore moreXD

Crisis management is now need for C.Y. Leung

Recently, Hong Kong Chief Executive, C.Y. Leung’s daughter Chai-yan Leung has being under the spot light of media as she acts like out of the line. After she posted the photos about harming herself and being interview on TV show, this time she has being report on her posts on Facebook about how her mother beat her and she has  left home.

In China, there is a common saying, “To cultivate oneself and put family in order, and to run the country well and give the people peace and security”, which means that a person who run a city or even a country, he or she should first improve himself or herself, and then take good care of the family, so that he or she can focus on managing a country or city. As now it seems that C.Y. Leung is unable to do it and what Chai-yan Leung doing is now actually influencing her father reputation and his image to the public.

I believe that the unexpected actions from Chai-Yan is putting the PR team behind C.Y. Leung into a huge trouble, because the public reaction on this issue is unpredictable, and it is not only affecting the image of C.CY. Leung but also affecting the image of Hong Kong government. After the umbrella revolution, the public reaction to the government are not very well already. With the issue that about Chai-yan, which also made C.Y. and his team being laugh by the public.  Even the press conference has already hold right after Chai-yan left home. It seems that the result is not positive at all, as  the public is now supporting Chai-yan to look for her freedom instead of teasing Chai-yan abnormal behavior. To gain the public support, it may need a lot of effort from C.Y.’s PR team to help him get rid of this kind of family drama.